Maggie Forks - Weaving Fork / Comb

These great forks are made by Magpie WoodWorks. This style is made exclusively for the Cactus Flower Loom. They use U.S. made RESCO pet combs in the forks. The tapered teeth are hardened stainless steel. Combs are embedded in the handle using epoxy resin. Handles are shaped by hand and finished with linseed oil and bee's wax. Approximately 9 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide. They have 12 teeth and are made from hickory, pecan, bird's eye maple, maple, red grandis, figured silver maple, figured maple, and cherry (the order of the wood is in the picture to the left). I don't have photos of the Sapele, Walnut, Red Oak or Mahogany yet.

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