Cactus Flower Loom Videos and Resources for Warp and Weft

These videos were created by Caroline Spurgeon, author of "Weaving the Navajo Way" and designer of the Cactus Flower Loom. These videos will help you navigate warping all the way to various techniques.


Beginning Knot for Warp:


Installing String Heddles:

Beginning Your Weaving:

Yarn Size:

Edge to Edge Techniques (Part 1) Wavy Lines:

Edge to Edge Techniques (Part 2) Seed:

Edge to Edge Techniques (Part 3) Vertical Lines:

Tapestry Techniques (Part 1) Vertical Lines: 

Tapestry Techniques (Part 2) Vertical Lines:

Tapestry Techniques (Part 1) Diagonal Lines:

Tapestry Techniques (Part 2) Diagonal Lines:

The Final 2":

Other Pattern Ideas:

Warping a Cactus Flower Table Loom:

Installing String Heddles on a Cactus Flower Table Loom:
Weaving The Navajo Way - Finishing A Bag
Weaving A Cinch The Navajo Way
Finishing a Twined Bag on the Twining Loom
Wedge Weave!

Weft Supplier:


Warp Supplier:

Los Vigiles Living Traditions & Weaving Supplies 776 State Road 76, Chimayo, NM 87522 (505) 351-4522