....Cactus Flower Loom - Mini

The Cactus Flower Loom is a unique loom specifically designed for weaving miniature tapestries. What a breeze to use! You warp up right on the loom, tension is provided by a novel spring system. This loom will accommodate weavings up to 8" wide and 12" high. Each loom is individually hand crafted of select hardwood with custom peg bars. You'll find this loom a pleasure to own and use. Looms are made from a variety of premium woods as listed below. The loom comes with a shed and heddle stick. Order mini batten and "Weaving the Navajo Way" book separately. If the wood you prefer is not in stock, please write an email to inquire about the availability time. Overall loom size is 12" x 15"  and the peg bars are 10 epi.

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