The Cactus Flower Miniature Loom was designed and made by Caroline Spurgeon until September 2015 and are now being made by Cherry Creek Valley Farms. Caroline wrote the accompanying book, Weaving The Navajo Way, How To Create Rugs, Miniatures and More!  Each loom is built by hand of select hardwoods. The peg bars are milled to specification by an Albuquerque firm.  Each loom is individually made, therefore minor differences may be evident as different woods dictate the end result.  Each loom is unconditionally guaranteed for one year.  

The Maxi loom came about due to requests for a larger loom.  It performs like the mini, but allows a larger weaving size.  Both looms are considered lap looms and work best when the weaver is seated and leaned against a table.  Excellent results are also obtained by leaning it against the dashboard (if you weave in the car) or the back of a seat in an airplane.  

Weavers everywhere are finding the joy of Navajo style weaving without the tedium of the warping process.  You will find projects on the mini loom go fast and enable you to learn the same techniques used on full-size Navajo style rugs.