Weaving the Navajo Way, How to Create Rugs, Miniatures and More- Caroline Spurgeon

Weaving the Navajo Way is probably the most complete how-to book on Navajo weaving available today. This book provides step-by-step instructions to weave full-size and miniature Navajo style rugs. Included in this informative, 150 page spiral bound book are detailed instructions for using the C. Cactus Flower Miniature Loom as well as information for using other looms designed for Navajo Weaving. A technically clear and thorough book that provides all you need to know for weaving your own quality weavings. Many advanced techniques not found elsewhere are included - twill weave, tufted rugs, double-face rugs, saddle winch weaving, round weaving, wedge-woven rugs and more!

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